Introducing a Wildfire Preparation Approach that WORKS

Tools to Help You Reduce Wildfire Risks


We’ve learned a lot about wildfire in the last four years. Reducing our collective risk takes a community, as the prospect of removing dry vegetation (i.e., fuels management) is overwhelming! There’s a lot to consider and a lot of key terms to learn. For instance… fuel loadsHow much do I have on my property? What do I do about it? What risk does wildfire pose to my property and family? Who can help me?

If you’ve ever asked any of these questions, we’ve got you covered.

Pepperwood and the University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE) announce the launch of the Wildfire Fuel Mapper: an integrated set of educational resources and mapping tools that address all those questions you didn’t even know you had! We believe every landowner should be empowered to take an informed and proactive approach to prepare for wildfire.

The Wildfire Fuel Mapper is the only mapping tool available at a property parcel scale in Sonoma County that can be accessed directly by the public; for use by landowners with greater than three acres. Additionally, these resources can be utilized by wildfire professionals and vegetation management specialists looking to better support their clients.

The Wildfire Fuel Mapper is part of a coordinated effort in Sonoma County to better provide the public with accessible maps and prioritization tools to reduce wildfire risk. Visit the website at to download your property’s custom map report, learn more about fuel management, and get connected to professionals and specialists in wildfire prevention. 

“When we’re working in Sonoma County, we start every project by using the Wildfire Fuel Mapper tool… This invaluable tool provides a vital starting point from which to engage and educate property owners.” 

– Joel Holland, President of Wildfire Services.

This project is a collaboration between University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE), Pepperwood and Tukman Geospatial,with support from PG&E, the Thornton Foundation, and CAL FIRE. The improvements to the Wildfire Fuel Mapper would not have been possible without your feedback and support. We invite you to share these resources with your communities and continue to provide feedback.

Watch this video to see how it works:

Learn more about the toolkit:

Contact Dr. Tosha Comendant, Pepperwood’s Conservation Science Manager at 

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