What does it mean to participate in the CA Biodiversity Network?

By stephanie beard

California’s greatness is worth protecting: our natural heritage, our abundant resources, our remarkable diversity of life. These are the assets that make us the fifth largest economy in the world. But these assets are threatened by a host of factors, most pressingly a rapidly changing climate. There are many institutions, organizations and agencies throughout the state who have identified this threat and are responding to it individually. But imagine a world in which they all came together, cooperatively, to work on our collective challenges?

Introducing the California Biodiversity Network. The Network unites these environmental experts and community leaders, providing a collaborative forum for prioritizing biodiversity protection, stewardship, environmental education, and scientific inquiry. This marks the first time that nonprofits, agencies, and universities are working across jurisdictional boundaries to facilitate bold climate action. It complements the California Biodiversity Council as a standing body of multi-disciplinary experts whose role is to advise the State on how the goals set forth in the 30 by 30 initiative can be met.

Pepperwood was a founding organization of the Network and joined over 45 other nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, and state and federal agencies to unite in synergistic action. Additionally, Pepperwood’s President and CEO, Dr. Lisa Micheli, serves on the Steering Committee for the Network. We’re excited to bring you updates on this coordinated effort.

What is 30 by 30?

30 by 30 is a policy of bold climate action. This initiative seeks to reverse the negative impacts of biodiversity decline and climate change by protecting more natural areas, and increasing access to nature for communities that lack it. Check out this video for a quick synopsis.

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