Pepperwood Honored as Climate Action Leader

Pepperwood honored as Climate Action leader by Battery Powered. As part of an impressive line up of global climate leaders, Pepperwood stood out as the “members’ favorite” among Battery Club SF Members out of 30+ applicants. Pepperwood was in excellent company with partners from across the globe united in responding to the climate crisis. This recognition includes a $250k award to add capacity to Pepperwood’s Resilience to Megafire work.

Our climate is changing fast, and we need to adapt even faster. As a hub for targeted scientific research, community education, and conservation partnerships, Pepperwood spearheads the science-based solutions needed to guide our path forward in the face of the climate crisis. Our Battery Powered project, Building California’s Resilience to Megafires, is focused on harnessing the power of big data to save lives, protect property, and restore ecosystems.

The Big Picture

We can harness the power of big data to save lives, protect property, and restore ecosystems in the face of ever worsening catastrophic wildfire threats. We have the science, we have the partnerships, and with Battery Powered support, we will boost our capacity to work directly with communities to take evidence-based actions critical to California’s climate resilience.


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