Art in Nature’s Image

Showcasing the Aurora Triad at Pepperwood

As part of our Inspiring Connections with Nature Initiative to connect people with nature in a variety of ways, we are thrilled to showcase a new art piece from local sculptor Catherine Daley. Aurora Triad, is the sixth sculpture in her Aurora Kinetic series.

The suspended aluminum rods, which have been drilled, pinned and hand sanded, move freely in the wind while the rod lengths reference musical progressions and chime softly in the breeze. The movement of light, captured by the rods, references the aurora borealis’ curtain of light while the shape of the upper plates allude to an archetypal riverine form that is fragmented into oxbow lakes. The reflective surfaces mirror the environment, while the sanded elements are designed to express light as a beacon of hope for our World.

Catherine Daley is an interdisciplinary artist based in the San Francisco Bay area and works in sculpture, photography, and painting. She has had her work shown at the Luther Burbank Center for the Arts, Sonoma Academy, Marin Museum of Contemporary Art and the Museum of Sonoma County. View her complete bio here.

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