Pepperwood offering private naturalist-led hikes

Pepperwood is pleased to announce that we are welcoming the public back on the preserve in the form of Learning Landscapes – small-group private hikes led by our naturalists!

Learning Landscapes is a way for small groups of colleagues, students, family members, or friends, to safely enjoy the majestic beauty of our 3200-acre Preserve.

These fee-for-service naturalist-led hikes can be catered to groups of all ages. Observe birds, find animal tracks, search for hidden forest creatures, learn about and support Pepperwood’s biodiversity and research projects – all while stretching your legs and getting outside in the fresh air. Learning Landscape participants will explore our forests, meadows, and grasslands within a small group setting with expert guidance and interpretation.

Pepperwood is an ideal setting for your group to get outdoors and enjoy the marvels of the natural world. Our Preserve is privately-owned and visitors are permitted by appointment only. We have strict protective measures in place, including sanitizing all facilities before and after your group arrives. As we carefully control access, you won’t encounter others on narrow, crowded trails. Learning Landscapes groups are welcome to enjoy a private picnic at one of our picnic tables – enjoying a stellar view – after your guided hike concludes.

To learn more about this offering, visit our page here: Learning Landscapes


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