Lessons from the Front Lines of Climate Change with Dr. Comendant

Lessons learned from the front lines of climate change: Building organizational, research, and community resilience

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Presenter: Dr. Tosha Comendant, Conservation Science Manager, Pepperwood

Description: This webinar will take you to the front lines of climate change and will highlight lessons learned, resilience strategies, and geospatial tools we are using at Pepperwood to adapt to changing conditions and respond to community needs. The Dwight Center for Conservation Science and the Pepperwood Preserve encompasses 3,117± acres, situated 8± miles northeast of Santa Rosa in the Southern Mayacamas Mountains, in Sonoma County. The Center serves as a climate-ecosystem field station for California’s Coast Ranges and as a conduit of science-based information sharing and collaboration across disciplines and between scientists and land and water managers. During our first decade as an organization, our community experienced a historic multi-year drought, flooding, and catastrophic wildfires. The 2017 Tubbs Fire burned down Pepperwood’s housing, barn and equipment, disrupted our community education program and destroyed the majority of our environmental sensors and communication network. In October of 2019, the Kincade Fire burned 60% of the preserve and necessitated 15 miles of bulldozer lines to stop the spread of the fire into more populated  areas.Conservation Science Manager, Dr. Tosha Comendant, will share how Pepperwood has pulled together as an organization to inform resilience strategies at scales ranging from the parcel, to watersheds, to the region as a whole.

The Conservation Biology Institute (CBI) presents the SCGIS webinar series in partnership with the Society for Conservation GIS. To learn more about CBI, please visit https://consbio.org/.

Find the pdf of Tosha’s power point below: 20-05-06 SCGIS Comendant Pepperwood Webinar.

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