Inspiring Others in a Time Requiring Innovation and Transformation

Lisa Micheli speaking at the 2019 Invoking the Pause Summit in San Francisco

Lisa Micheli, Pepperwood’s trailblazing CEO and President, has been inspiring folks around the world by speaking to the incredible opportunity that a changing climate presents humanity. “We are in a time that requires radical innovation and transformation,” said Dr. Micheli at the 2019 Invoking the Pause Summit in San Francisco, “so we all have to imagine a new world and create it faster than anyone thinks is humanly possible.” Watching the news can be terrifying as we reckon with hard truths about our changing climate reality and the implications this will have for our species, but Micheli doesn’t see this as a solutionless debacle.

Micheli is confident that we have all the tools we need to adapt with our changing climate. “Let’s have one another’s backs. Let’s be the people we go to with problems or questions,” she said. Our ability to tackle the challenges we face is a product of how we treat ourselves and how we treat our community. By having these conversations with different groups of people, Micheli inspires a new type of thinking, and an understanding that when we are united we have all the tools we need to make the changes necessary to adapt to our changing climate. You can watch the highlights from this powerful and inspiring Summit by clicking here.

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