Pepperwood’s role in monitoring the changing North Bay climate featured in the Press Democrat

It’s been a busy start to the winter here at Pepperwood. Record-setting climatic conditions have yielded lots of precipitation in the form of both rain and snow! After Kincade, we knew we would be on a time crunch to get the miles of dozer lines smoothed out with water bars installed before the rains came. These are the days when all of the climatic research and monitoring we’ve been doing over the past decade really comes into play, as we monitor run-off and climatic conditions for our community. Read more about what Pepperwood has been doing in response to the conditions this winter in the latest from the Press Democrat:

11/26/2019: Storm knocks out power to thousands, brings snow to North Bay peaks

11/29/2019: Concerns rise that incoming storm may sweep toxic ash, sediment into Sonoma County waterways

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