Honoring Our Roots: An Exhibition of Pomo Basketry, on display at the Pepperwood Gallery

Artistry, Tradition, and Nature Define Pomo Baskets

Honoring Our Roots: An Exhibition of Pomo Basketry,

on display at the Pepperwood Gallery from April 18 through July 12, 2019, is a magnificent showcase of 30 historic and contemporary Pomo baskets drawn from the personal collection of Peter and Kirsten Bedford of Napa. In partnership with the Bedford family, the Pepperwood Native Advisory Council is proud to make this exhibition possible, with the generous support of the Christensen Fund of San Francisco.

A beautiful basket from the Peter and Kirsten Bedford collection.

From celebration baskets to utilitarian work baskets, these are transcendent pieces of exquisite design and proportion. They reflect the cultural pride of the Pomo people of Sonoma, Mendocino, and Lake Counties as well as a deep environmental consciousness that is expressed in the basketry art.

Ben Benson, Pepperwood’s Cultural Resource Coordinator, observes, “Native people nurtured the basket plants for many generations to produce perfect shoots and roots for weaving. For them, these baskets are living beings in their own right, reflecting the weaving traditions of their ancestors and their ancient relationship to Nature.”

According to Kirsten Bedford, “We purchased our first Native American baskets out of a trunk of an unfamiliar car in a random Arizona motel parking lot in the early 70’s. We hardly imagined at that time just how captivated we would become. The beauty of the baskets’ individual shapes and designs and the extraordinary culture behind their making spoke to us, and continues to do so, as we hope they will to all who view them.”

The exhibit is available for viewing during all public programming or by calling (707) 591-9310 to set up an appointment.

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