SCENIQ Experience: Pepperwood is a mesmerizing place

Creating a strong foundation for nature appreciation

Students Conducting Environmental Inquiry (SCENIQ) — The start of spring means students from 35 classes from area elementary schools will be returning to Pepperwood after their first visit last fall. And what a different Pepperwood they will see! Students will experience how the change of seasons impacts the lives of the plants and animals found here, as they record observations in their Pepperwood nature journals. Pepperwood is committed to serving students who reflect the diversity of our community.

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Learn about the experiences you help provide in the students’ own words! Scroll down to read about 10-year-old Caidence’s trip to Pepperwood, and click the button below to read more experiences.

The SCENIQ Experience


Above: A SCENIQ leans in to smell a Bay leaf during a trip to Pepperwood

Caidence’s Trip to Pepperwood

By SCENIQ participant Caidence, age 10, Fall 2016

I am Caidence, a fifth grade student at San Miguel Elementary School. I went to Pepperwood Preserve as a field trip with my class and trust me it was one of the best field trips ever. Not only was it fun, But it was also a great way to learn all about the wilderness.

Pepperwood is a mesmerizing place with many beautiful plants and animals. When I went to Pepperwood I got to see many new things such as Bay trees, deer bones, and vultures. One of the best parts of Pepperwood is the Science Castle, a huge building where we learned all about plants and animals. The most memorable part of Pepperwood was when we learned about the Bay tree. We each got to pick a leaf off the tree and learn all about them. I learned that Bay leaves are most commonly used for cooking.

When I went to Pepperwood I got to learn so many things. Everybody is kind and they made you feel like you are part of the wilderness. Pepperwood is truly an experience of a lifetime.


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