Caidence’s Trip to Pepperwood

Above: A SCENIQ leans in to smell a Bay leaf during a trip to Pepperwood

Caidence’s Trip to Pepperwood

By SCENIQ participant Caidence, age 10, Fall 2016

I am Caidence, a fifth grade student at San Miguel Elementary School. I went to Pepperwood Preserve as a field trip with my class and trust me it was one of the best field trips ever. Not only was it fun, But it was also a great way to learn all about the wilderness.

Pepperwood is a mesmerizing place with many beautiful plants and animals. When I went to Pepperwood I got to see many new things such as Bay trees, deer bones, and vultures. One of the best parts of Pepperwood is the Science Castle, a huge building where we learned all about plants and animals. The most memorable part of Pepperwood was when we learned about the Bay tree. We each got to pick a leaf off the tree and learn all about them. I learned that Bay leaves are most commonly used for cooking.

When I went to Pepperwood I got to learn so many things. Everybody is kind and they made you feel like you are part of the wilderness. Pepperwood is truly an experience of a lifetime.

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