Best Day of My Life

Above: SCENIQ students walking towards the Dwight Center for Conservation Science, or “Science Castle” as they prefer to call it

Best Day of My Life

By SCENIQ participant Kaliyah, age 10, Fall 2016

My name is Kaliyah and I think Pepperwood is the best place in the world. It was so fun and fascinating! Some of my most memorable things include when we saw vultures circling around maybe the other group of students. The second thing I remember is when I saw the big stuffed eagle in the science castle. The stuffed eagle was very cool and its wings were huge! The third thing I remember was when I was looking at the bird skulls. The hummingbird skull was the smallest and it was the size of a bean, and the eagle skull was of course the biggest. All these things were very cool.

The fourth thing I remember is when we found cow scat with a plant growing on it. I learned that when animals eat berries, sometimes the berry seed would be inside the scat. Then later a new plant would grow on the scat. The fifth thing I remember is the Bay Tree. I learned that people use its leaves for cooking and I remember that we each got a leaf to smell, and it smelled good. I put mine in my journal. The sixth thing I remember is when we were looking at the deer bone they were greasy. The final thing I remember is when [Pepperwood Educator] Jesse let me put this pretty rock in the crystal garden. This was the best field trip ever and I had fun and everyone was so nice.

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