TeenNat accepted into Sonoma County Upstream Investments

Pepperwood’s TeenNat, an immersive internship for high school students, has been approved for inclusion in Sonoma County’s Upstream Investments Portfolio! The Portfolio is a collection of local evidence-based programs proven to help eliminate poverty in Sonoma County and ensure equal opportunity for quality education. Programs included have completed a rigorous application and review process to demonstrate a solid basis in research and a commitment to program evaluation. Our SCENIQ program for elementary school students was added to the Portfolio in 2015. We’re thrilled that TeenNat is now included!

TeenNat — science comes to life for local youth

Each summer at Pepperwood, two dozen teenagers rove our 3,200 acre preserve photographing plants and insects, recording measurements of redwoods, and—perhaps most importantly—deepening their connection to the natural world. Some are aspiring scientists, while others simply have a deep appreciation for nature and are only just learning about career possibilities in the sciences. Thanks to you, TeenNat provides a venue for these youth to gain new insights at a critical juncture in their lives. Now entering its fifth summer, TeenNat is creating new ways for its graduates to build on their Pepperwood experience, including offering paid TeenNat Assistant positions, and providing support in accessing local service opportunities and nationwide internships.

Click here to learn more about TeenNat.


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