TeenNat’s Career Day demystifies jobs in the sciences


Today, over a dozen professionals working in the field of conservation are gathered at Pepperwood to share their jobs with our TeenNat interns! Here’s a list of some of the amazing people who are attending to help mentor our interns and demystify science careers.

  • Joelle Belmonte, iNaturlist.org Designer, California Academy of Sciences
  • Anita Bueno, Landscape Architect, BuenoLuna Landscape Design
  • Charlie Cormany, Executive Director, Efficiency First California
  • Melissa Cruz, Outreach Coordinator/Entomologist, UC Davis Arboretum
  • Chris Delaney, Engineer, Sonoma County Water Agency
  • Celeste Dodge, Systems Ecologist, Pepperwood
  • Michael Gillogly, Preserve Manager, Pepperwood
  • Leslie Lew, Stewardship Planner, Sonoma County Open Space District
  • John McCarthy, Assistant Vineyard Manager, Jackson Family Wines
  • Prahalada Papper, PhD Candidate, UC Berkeley
  • Chris Pisano, GIS/GPS Precision Winegrower, Jackson Family Wines
  • Neal Ramus, Senior Youth Programs Manager, California Academy of Sciences
  • Juan Carlos Solis, Program Specialist, Sonoma County Water Agency
  • Ken-ichi Ueda, iNaturalist.org Co-Founder and Programmer, California Academy of Sciences

We’re grateful for their time and enthusiasm!

TeenNat is a youth leadership program that brings high school students together with real researchers and teaches them valuable skills as they explore careers in the sciences and make meaningful contributions to conservation research.

TeenNat commences with a 5-week summer internship—now in session!—that combines outdoor exploration, technology, social media, photography, and forest ecology. It provides a powerful opportunity for deepened understanding about the myriad of career possibilities, reflection about what is important in life, and camaraderie among kindred souls at a critical juncture in their lives.

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