Sally Spider

Sally Spider

By SCENIQ participant Ellison, 3rd grade, Spring 2016

Hello my name is Susie Spider. I am a spider that lives at Pepperwood. It can be really hard to be a bug here. Just ask my friends Lucy Ladybug and Rebecca Rolly Polly. The thing I hate the most is being trapped in a clear box that the humans have. Lucky for me , its only happened once. Here’s how it happened: One day I was busily spinning my web when I heard some  noise. But it didn’t really bother me. So I went back to spinning. Suddenly I feel like I was being watched. I turned around and bam! I was trapped. The humans put me under a bright light and I could see their beady eyes staring at me from above. So now I know not to make a web there. But luckily I found a better spot by the meadow. Lots of flies and mosquitoes come by and get stuck in my web. They make delicious snacks. I tend to stay away from poison oak even though it won’t hurt me, but the oils could get on me and if people touch me it could get on them. That’s my bug’s life.


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