Nature is so beautiful

Nature is so beautiful

By SCENIQ participant Ruben, 3rd grade, Spring 2016

I learned a lot about Pepperwood. Nature is so beautiful. My favorite thing is when I found the spider and it had babies on its back, it was interesting. A plant I touched was the blue eyed grass. It smelled so good. I saw a baby rattlesnake. It was curled up in a circle with its tongue out. I saw a deer, it was pregnant. It was running fast. Then it jumped over the fence. Then we went to the microscope laboratory. Under the microscope I saw a spider that I caught. It was incredible to see the babies on its back. Then we did a solo walk. We had to climb a hill on the solo walk. It was tiring to walk up the hill. To be alone and get to hear all the birds and insects. It was cool to do that. Then we ate lunch. Then Jesse asked us what was our favorite part of the field trip. It was when I saw the pregnant deer. This story was about Pepperwood Preserve.

This story is part of the SCENIQ Experience, a new Pepperwood webpage dedicated to capturing the experience of our young visitors through stories and pictures. Click the link below to view more.

The SCENIQ Experience

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