When I Went to Pepperwood

When I Went to Pepperwood

By SCENIQ participant Gemma, age 7, Spring 2016

Yesterday we went to Pepperwood Preserve because we were on a field trip. We passed my riding school. The road was really bumpy and we had to drive up a steep hill to get there. When we got up the hill the view was great! When we met Jessie and Nicole we could look at the crystal garden and we saw a fluffy caterpillar! When we went on the hike Brody and I saw a woodpecker – I’ve NEVER seen one before! We also heard and saw Cicadia – even their body they left behind on the tree. Then we had to go back soon, but we saw lots more things! We looked under the microscope we saw ticks and they looked creepy! I LOVE PEPPERWOOD! I hope my family can come back soon, maybe for my birthday!


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