My Day at Pepperwood


My Day at Pepperwood Preserve

By SCENIQ participant Athrun, age 8, Spring 2016

Our trip to pepperwood was amazing!!! When we were there we would look at the crystal garden. There we saw caterpillars and spiders!! Then we went inside, we talked about plants and we asked questions about the hike. Then we ate a tasty snack. Now it was time for our hike!!! Quickly we divided into two groups – puppies and kitties. I was a puppy. We went to the garden first, then the forest. We saw so much scat!! Gross!! There we also picked flowers and lava rocks. Jessie, our leader, decided to head back. Then we ate lunch!! Yummy!! After, we cleaned up and got to use the microscopes it was fun!! Then we had to leave. You should go to Pepperwood too!! It is amazing.
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