"Pepperwood's reserve sits within the traditional homeland of the Wappo people. We respect and honor past, present, and future generations of Wappo and their continued connection to this land. We are grateful for the opportunity to gather in this beautiful place and we give our respect to its first inhabitants."

Authored by Clint McKay (Dry Creek Pomo, Wappo, Wintun)


Pepperwood's 3,200 acre reserve serves as a refuge for over 900 species of plants and animals. We are leaders in ecosystem-climate research, producing critical science to help guide our region's natural resource management and conservation planning. Pepperwood also offers environmental education opportunities for all ages to cultivate an ethic of conservation in our North Bay region.

Strategic Plan 2020-2025

With four main initiatives, we're cultivating a path to resilience for our entire community.

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Pepperwood Field Notes

  • A community scientist at Pepperwood with Mt. Saint Helena in the background.

    The Ethics of Open-Source Data in Community Science

    Learn about the ethics of community science and open source data collection. It might surprise you to learn that there can be a dark side to all of that great community science data collection – but don’t worry, by following a few simple guidelines in your community science and data gathering practices, you can ensure that you’re science-ing responsibly and ethically.

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  • Cross-continental Conservation Connections

    I recently returned from Chile, which is a country that experiences many of the same challenges that we do here, principally biodiversity loss, drought, and wildfire. I came away from this experience feeling empowered and inspired, and with a clear sense of our path forward in our globally shared dilemma of climate change.

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  • May is for Monitoring Our Grasslands

    With Michelle Halbur, Preserve Ecologist – Every spring at Pepperwood, our research team spends a half-month out in the grasslands conducting grassland monitoring. We’ve been doing this at the same exact time every year for twelve years, and this May marks our thirteenth season. Why do we do this? Because we are monitoring the long-term health of our heroic – YES, heroic – grassland communities.

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  • Can Nature Nerds Save Civil Discourse?

    By Dr. Lisa Micheli, President & CEO – Our international tribe of nature nerds are generating a glimmer of hope for healthy online conflict management and resolution. So now iNat has innovated new ways to build healthy relationships between the millions across the globe dedicated to understanding and protecting our natural world. Judging from my own experience, if scientists can resolve potentially heated debates about where organisms land on the tree of life, maybe there is hope for all of us. 

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