"Pepperwood Preserve sits within the traditional homeland of the Wappo people. We respect and honor past, present, and future generations of Wappo and their continued connection to this land. We are grateful for the opportunity to gather in this beautiful place and we give our respect to its first inhabitants."

Authored by Clint McKay (Dry Creek Pomo, Wappo, Wintun)


Pepperwood's 3,200 acre preserve serves as a refuge for over 900 species of plants and animals. We are leaders in ecosystem-climate research, producing critical science to help guide our region's natural resource management and conservation planning. Pepperwood also offers environmental education opportunities for all ages to cultivate an ethic of conservation in our North Bay region.

Strategic Plan 2020-2025

With four main initiatives, we're cultivating a path to resilience for our entire community.

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Pepperwood's mission is to inspire conservation
through science.

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  • Fostering Stewardship the Land Recognizes

    Together, Indigenous and western science inform our relationship to this place. While Clint and Michael’s perspectives arise from different traditions, their love of Pepperwood’s inhabitants, from the smallest to largest, unites them in a shared sense of responsibility to steward and protect this special place…

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    Did you know that the gray fox – a member of the dog family – can climb a tree like a cat? And I mean a vertical tree, not a sloped trunk that an acrobatic dog can clamber onto. Thanks to a set of strong, hooked claws…

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